Nyonya Su Pei

Born and bred in Penang, Nyonya Su Pei was schooled in the art of Peranakan cooking by her grandma-in-law and mother-in-law, who imparted to her over 500 prized family recipes for Northern and Southern specialties. A regular cooking instructor at Batu Ferringhi's Tropical Spice Garden, Su Pei was one of three main contributors to the bestselling, landmark Penang Peranakan cookbook 'Nonya Flavours' produced by Star Publications and the State Chinese (Penang) Association. With her husband Baba Jerry, Su Pei also cooks and presents Peranakan private dining experiences, which have been featured on several international TV and video series, including NHK Japan's 'Dining With The Chef', Malaysia's Astro AEC's 'Comfort Food Recipes', and BBC Travel's 'RSVP Abroad'. Proud to be ambassadors for their food heritage, Su Pei and Jerry are also taking Nyonya cuisine in new directions, such as pairing it with wine, and re-imagining it as tapas.

You can find her work at www.nyonyasupei.com

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