Nyonya Chin See

Nyonya Chin See’s interest and skills in herbal remedies, natural and alternative therapies, and food were born in her teens, when she worked in her family’s business – an established medical hall in Penang. In the two decades since, she has furthered her grasp of holistic healthcare by traveling in Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to train in therapeutic systems such as aromatherapy, naturopathy, guasa, cupping, pressure points, nutrition, and beauty and massage techniques. 

Chin See combines this extensive schooling with her Peranakan heritage, her passion for nature, and her desire to help people improve their lives, to create original and innovative products, services, and concepts through her company, 6 Senses. Having honed her aromatherapy skills under Eve Taylor in the United Kingdom, Chin See has also created a custom range of aromatherapy products and bespoke scents for companies and individuals throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Believing that good nourishment is the key to a happy life, Chin See strongly holds that we can all improve our health and well-being if we learn to listen to our own bodies to understand our needs, and then focus on making small and consistent changes in our lifestyles where needed. Among the services she and her team offer are wellness workshops and nutrition counseling, nutrition consulting and menu planning for health-oriented companies, concept development for ‘functional food’ start-ups, and more. She also works with children, as she believes nutrition education should begin during their formative years. 


On the culinary side of her career, Nyonya Chin See often joins forces with her mother Madam Phoenix to create and present classic and unique Malaysian and Peranakan cuisine. Their signature style uses precise, complex and time-honoured techniques to draw out the best from natural ingredients, herbs and spices, to yield flavour combinations with depth and resonance on the palate. 

You can find her work at www.nyonyachinsee.com

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