Low Shih Erh

Chef Low Shih Erh was “born to cook”. Well, almost literally since this chef was already helping out in her family’s highly acclaimed restaurant serving authentic Thai and Malaysian dishes in hometown Penang from the tender age of 6.

Through the years, Chef Low has surprised many with her deft culinary touches and elevated the original cuisines she had learnt to a higher level of sophistication and taste; integrating her own blend of new creations and twists without losing her much embraced ethnic roots and the cuisines’ authenticity. Her regional influences and strengths have taken her to food consulting, teaching assignments and business ventures in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

As an avid reader of history, she has developed a deep interest in and knowledge of the origins of the dishes she serves up and the traditional ingredients she uses; all of which she gladly shares with when teaching fellow enthusiasts. A perfectionist in her work, her ability and energy can be as infectious as her entertaining stories and sense of humour.

3 Classes