Jennifer Tan

Donald and Lily is a much-loved Melakan establishment with its roots  in the humble business of street hawking. Donald Tan Yew Chye 陈有财 and Lily Lee Ah Toh 李亜桃 began their epononymous business from a push-cart stall from which they sold laksa, char kuey teow and other street food from different locations all over Melaka before turning part of their home  at No. 31 Heeren Street (now known as Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock) into an eatery. It was from here that the business grew to become a well-known pitstop for discerning locals and visitors from afar.

In 1995, their daughter Jennifer Tan Kim Choo 陈金珠 inherited the business, and continues to do her part to turn it into an enduring legacy. Donald & Lily  operates out of The Bendahari in Melaka, Malaysia and Jennifer may be found there from Thursdays to Saturdays from 10.30am to 5pm dishing out her famous laksa and other signature meals that she is inspired to cook.

The Bendahari is a cultural heritage hub housed in a charming pre-war building built circa the 1930s, that places an emphasis on developing intergenerational and intercultural activities by engaging, in particular, with the youth and by fostering community engagement.

 You can find her works at https://www.instagram.com/mydonaldandlily/


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