Jeffrey & Angeline Tan

Having grown up in a family of fish merchants and fishmongers, seafood is second nature to Jeffrey Tan. He also saw many pain points and ways to improve the industry since he first wielded the fishmonger’s knife at 12 years old. With that seed planted many years ago, husband and wife duo Jeffrey and Angeline came up with Dishthefish with the common vision to push for progress and innovation. Experiences built up during their education, work and travel were all ingredients that went into the conceptualization of Dishthefish, a new age fishmonger. Since its humble beginnings four years ago, Dishthefish has gone from strength to strength, expanding its product offerings, service offerings and accessibility. Jeffrey has and still is the one sourcing for and selecting regional seafood at the Jurong Fishery Port while Angeline is the one sourcing for good seafood globally. Jeffrey and Angeline’s repertoire of knowledge about seafood has been and continues to be built up by extensive research and consultation with industry experts and experienced home cooks.

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