Diana Loo

While Diana enjoys attending cooking classes, watching YouTube videos and collecting cookbooks from all years of travel, most of her experience comes from pure exploration combined with an adventurous spirit in the kitchen.

“Food, to me in relational, so it is pivotal to the way in which I express creativity, love, care and hospitality”

In short, she loves food and enjoy collecting recipes and often putting her own spin on them. She only started getting into healthier cooking when she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease about 6 years ago. With the aim to heal herself, she started to cook and bake with healthier/gluten-free options or use organic products whenever possible. This was also how her sourdough journey began. 

In the last 2 years, she has also conducted healthy cooking classes, worked with
several food brands to develop healthy recipes, and have baked over 200 sourdoughs thus far! She is really happy to be able to share her experiences with the sourdough enthusiasts.

You can find her work at Instagram @droolcookclub

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