David Yip

Journalist, chef, and restaurateur David Yip has had an association with gastronomy in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China for more than 20 years. He was behind some of the best-selling food magazines and cookbooks of Singapore, including the revamped cookbooks of Mrs Lee Chin Koon and Mrs Leong Yee Soo. He was the first publisher to recognize then-upcoming local talents like Sam Leong, Jereme Leung, Emmanuel Stroobant and Anderson Ho; and foreign showbiz icons such as Sandy Lam; with individual cookbooks of their own.

In Hong Kong, David owned several F&B establishments, including an underground bar and a very popular Singapore restaurant. He also consults on F&B and hospitality, and leads food tours in China. As a writer and researcher, David is steeped in Chinese classic cuisine, and ardently advocates the preservation of traditional recipes and cooking techniques. He contributes frequently to Appetite magazine, MakaNation and The Business Times, and chronicles his adventures in the kitchen and the wider culinary world in his blog, http://www.gastronautdiary.blogspot.com

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