Tze Char Dishes 1

Tze Char Dishes 1

26 Sep (Sun) 1pm

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26 September (Sunday) 1:00pm - 4:00pm : 0

$180 for onsite participants.

$171 for zoom participants. Key in discount code ZOOM5. 


1. Teochew Prawn Roll (Hae Chor)

A well-loved iconic Teochew side dish made with a prawn and minced pork mixture rolled up with beancurd skin and deep fried. Juicy, succulent and addictive. 

2. Homemade Soybean Spinach Tofu 

A side dish that is packed with proteins and nutrients! Learn to make this tofu from scratch with soybean milk and drizzled with a mushroom sauce for extra goodness. 

3. Mee Goreng Chinese Style (Ma Lai Mian)

A more saucy and sweeter version of mee goreng. Learn to fry this noodle dish correctly to bring out the flavors and textures of the seafood, cabbage and noodles. This dish is tempting even to the non-carbo lovers.  

4. Dry Curry Pork

A delicious stir-fried pork dish that is made uses a homemade curry paste and curry leaves. 


Demonstration by Chef with videos and photos snippets sent via WhatAspp. Recipes will be emailed ahead for ZOOM participants. 

Take Home Items

Food samples will be packed and delivered at no extra cost.  


Low Shih Erh

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