The Indian Grill

17 Oct (Sun) 2pm

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17 October (Sunday) 2:00pm - 5:00pm : 4

$180 for onsite participants.

$171 for zoom participants. Key in discount code ZOOM5.

Indian cuisine is not limited to roti prata and briyani for sure!! India has a whole lot of grilled dishes and roasted dishes. Chef Devagi introduces these Indian grills that are so ideal for parties and barbecue events. You will also learn how to make two spice blends from scratch.

1. Tamarind Mutton Ribs 

It is a fruity, tangy, sticky, sweet and chilly spicy kind of dish that you eat with your fingers and fingers alone!

2. Chicken Angara Kebab 

Tender chicken pieces covered with a special Angara marinade, grilled and then smoked to heavenly perfection. 

3. Alu Achari Tikka 

Baby potatoes marinated in special pickling spices and cooked to just the right texture. You will learn to make your own Indian pickling spices. 

4. Laccha Paratha 

Crispy layered flatbread is the perfect side dish for grilled food or any curry.

5. Raita Dip

A perfect dip for grilled meats and ideal cooling accompaniment to help 'digest' spicy food.


Demonstration by Chef with videos and photos snippets sent via WhatApp. Recipes will be emailed ahead for ZOOM participants. 

Take Home Items

There will be no food tasting in the studio. Food samples will be packed. ZOOM participants can opt for self-collection or delivery at no extra cost. 

Devagi Sanmugam

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