Squishy Squids (Parent & Child)

Squishy Squids (Parent & Child)

18 Nov (Sun) 10am

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18 November (Sunday) 10:00am - 12:00pm : 5

Price is for ONE parent & ONE child. 

Squid a.k.a sotong is one of the common seafood that we can find in our markets. Yet we know so little about them. Besides being a great source of nutrition, there are also many ways to enjoy squids. 

Once again, we are teaming up with owners of Dish The FIsh - Jeffrey & Angeline Tan, new age fishmongers, in this very special class. Together with your child, you can have a 3 hour enrichment session to learn and appreciate more about squids. Within the class, we have prepared 2 special hands-on activities for you to have a great bonding time with your child.

Class Highlights

1. Introduction - watching squids in the wild through video clips.

2. Learn about the anatomy of squids. 

3. Learn about squids and their nutritional value.

4. What to consider when you select squids & how to cook them well.

5. Activity One - Dissecting and cleaning squids

6. Activity Two - Making sotong balls from scratch.

7. Frying sotong balls.

8. Tasting steamed sotong.


Hands-on with presentation by instructors.

Food Tasting

Participants will each have a portion of sotong balls and steamed sotong. 

Take Home Items

Participants will take home a Recipe Pack. 


Jeffrey & Angeline Tan
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