Sourdough Essentials 2 - Soft Buns (Repeat)

29 Oct (Sun) 1pm

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29 October (Sunday) 1:00pm - 4:30pm : 3

$220 for onsite participants.

$209 for ZOOM participants WTH food samples.

$198 for ZOOM participants WTHOUT food samples. Discount code ZOOM10.

In this sequel sourdough class, Chef Valerie Kong will be teaching how to use a sourdough starter to bake your favourite fluffy soft buns. This class is open even for those who have no prior knowledge of sourdough baking. 


1. Spinach Cheese Buns

This was one of the most popular flavors in Valerie's bakery. Absolutely delicious!

2. Curry Potato Buns

A meatless curry filling that uses a unique curry blend that is not too rich yet still full of curry flavor. 

3. Pork Floss Buns

A classic in our modern day with crispy pork floss on a very moreish cream spread. You will need a very good bread to complete the satisfaction of this bun. 

4. Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch buns

Using a hazelnut chocolate that is less sweet, this will be a hit with kids!

5. Plain Burger Buns 


Hands on with demonstration by Chef with videos and photos snippets sent via WhatApp. Recipes will be emailed ahead for ZOOM participants. 

    Valerie Kong
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