Smoky and Wonderful - Lamb Shank Biryani

8 & 29 Nov (Sun) 2pm

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Who does not like the smoky flavour of charcoal in their food? Almost everyone likes the classic rustic flavour. The Indians have a way of smoking many of the dishes by just using charcoal, ghee, herbs, and spices! This age-old method of smoking can be used both during and after the cooking process and can impart a wonderful smoky flavour. Chef Devagi walks you through three wonderful, very popular restaurant dishes.

1. Smoked Lamb Shank Dum Biryani

The art of smoking briyanis can be traced to the golden Mughal period (1526-1707). The lamb shank biryani will be smoked and then cooked in the dum-style to lock in the flavours. The smoky effect adds such an aromatic and intriguing flavour to this briyani. Attend this class just to tuck into the moist, fluffy, flavourful rice and the fork tender lamb shank beneath, for a scintillating experience.

2. Murgh Malai Tikka

Tender pieces of boneless chicken are marinated in a unique blend of yogurt, cream, cheese, and spices and grilled in the oven to become soft, succulent chicken tikkas on skewers that will simply melt in your mouth. Let us see if you can resist the aromatic, smoky flavour of the tikkas! 

3. Smoked Eggplant Raita 

Smoky, cooling and refreshing eggplant raita which goes well with not only with biryani but with other dishes or in a wrap or as a dip. This dish is made with the double smoking method.Indian food lovers feel that there is nothing more quintessential than a plate of biryani, made with succulent pieces of mutton! After all, biryani is not just a wholesome meal, but also evokes nostalgia as a royal and iconic dish. Learn to make the mutton biryani and tasty accompanying dishes.


Demonstration by Chef.

Take Home Items

Participants will take home a recipe pack and a takeaway portion sample all the food items. Zoom participants can collect onsite or arrange for delivery at a small charge.


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