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23 June (Sat) 12pm

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Starter cultures, known as ‘koji’ in Japanese, are used to ferment many of Asia’s fundamental seasonings: soy sauce, miso, rice wines, vinegar. Japanese home cooks love shio koji, a salt-based culture commonly available at Japanese supermarkets here, for its ability to naturally enhance flavour, tenderise, and kickstart pickles and condiments. Learn how to adapt this tremendously useful pantry staple to more southeasterly Asian recipes with Christopher’s recipes, techniques and tips.

1) Shio Koji One-Pot Hainanese Chicken Rice

Marinate chicken pieces with shio koji to bring out their meaty savour, then cook them together with rice and aromatics in the same pot, for a fuss-free version of Hainanese chicken rice – no separate broth necessary. Easy enough for everyday meals, and satisfyingly scrumptious.

2) Shio Koji Chilli Sauce

Red chiliies, garlic and ginger fermented with shio koji for a complex, refreshingly piquant flavour that will remind you of the table chilli sauce once served in old-school Hainanese chicken rice restaurants. An excellent all-purpose condiment to have on hand in your fridge, which only improves as it ages.

3) Shio Koji Luncheon Meat*

The flavour-multiplying powers of shio koji allow you to make your own juicy, delicious luncheon meat with fresh pork and zero artificial additives – incomparably better than commercial versions.

4) Lemon-Kaffir Lime Kosho

Yuzu kosho is a spicy Japanese condiment made with yuzu citrus and green chillies. This version, lightly fermented with shio koji, calls on lemon and kaffir lime zests and juices for a brightly tropical zinginess.

5) Roasted Eggplant Relish with Lemon-Kaffir Lime Kosho

A Thai-style side dish made with roasted eggplant, shallots and garlic, invigorated with the citrus kosho and fresh coriander leaves, served with crispy pork crackling and fresh vegetables.

6) Shio Koji Steamed Pork Patty With Water Chestnuts*

A traditional Cantonese recipe for a succulent steamed minced pork patty, studded with crunchy water chestnuts. A shio koji marinade underlines both the natural sweetness and savouriness of the ingredients.

Maximum of 12 participants.

*Dish contains pork

Demonstration by Chef.

Food Tasting

Participants will sample on all the demonstrated items.

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