Saucy Teochew Dishes

Saucy Teochew Dishes

30 Sep (Sun) 10am & 2pm I 13 Oct (Sat) 10am

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One of the most important aspects of Chinese food lies in its sauces. More often than not, these sauces are not just the accompaniment but the co-hero of a dish. Hence the use of premium ingredients for the sauce is vital. In this class, we will be using the sauces from local sauce manufacturer Kwong Woh Hing (KWH). With a rich history for over 60 years, they are committed to maintaining a high quality over the production of their sauces. Chef David Yip will using the sauces to create classic Teochew dishes. Using herbs and spices you will learn how to make a basic braising sauce. With this sauce in hand, cooking the braised duck and Lor Mee will be a breeze. Other condiments like the deep fried fish fritters and braised pork belly for the Lor Mee will be made from scratch as well.


1. Teochew Braised Duck

2. Lor Mee 

3. Deep Fried Fish Fritters 

4. Braised Pork Belly


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor

Food Tasting

Participants will sample on all the demonstrated items.

Take Home Items
Participants will take home a Recipe Pack.  

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