Salmon Dum Biryani & More

16 Aug (Sun) 2pm

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16 August (Sunday) 2:00pm - 4:30pm : 11

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Finally, after many years, Chef Devagi will be teaching her personal prized recipe – the One Pot Salmon Dum Briyani. The success of any biryani depends not only on the taste but on how you cook the rice to get the perfect fluffy texture with long grains. If you think a briyani is difficult to make or you really want to master a wholesome briyani, without using ghee, this will be just the right class for you! 


1. Prawn Pakoras with Indian Mustard Sauce 

These amazing prawn fritters coated in a chickpea and coriander seeds batter is fabulous appetizer or evening tea time snack. The accompanying sweet and hot mustard sauce is just as outstanding. 

2. One Pot Salmon Dum Biryani 

Fork tender, aromatic, marinated salmon steaks in a pot of fluffy, aromatic long grain wholesome basmati rice. 

3. Alu Gobi 

A classic Indian comforting dish of potatoes and cauliflower that varies region to region in India.

4. Sweet and Sour Mango Raita 

A delicious fruit laden raita with the extremes of sweet and sour mangoes accentuated by a light dash of spice.


Online demonstration via ZOOM by Chef, facilitated by TKS. Class size of up to 20 participants.
Take Home Items

Participants will be given a recipe pack ahead of class via email/post and a sampling size of all the demonstrated food to be collected on site after the class. 
Local delivery can be arranged at a separate charge. 
Overseas participants who are unable to collect the food samples will receive a 10% discount rebate after registration. 


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