Rice to the Occasion - Png Kueh

Rice to the Occasion - Png Kueh

18 Sep (Wed) 12pm I 21 Sep (Sat) 12pm

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18 September (Wednesday) 12:00pm - 3:30pm : 3
21 September (Saturday) 12:00pm - 3:30pm : 3

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The comforting flavour of a traditional Teochew png kueh (savoury sticky rice dumpling) is a timeless treat. Christopher’s new class pairs a classic png kueh recipe with an innovative one, plus plenty of tips and insights, to help you appreciate and enjoy a familiar favourite with fresh eyes.

1. Classic Png Kueh

Savoury glutinous rice, dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms and peanuts, stuffed inside a soft and velvety pink rice-flour skin, and moulded into a peach shape symbolising longevity. Hearty, substantial and packed with all-natural umami, this is absolutely free from artificial colours and flavour enhancers.


2. ‘Lei Cha Fan’ Png Kueh

Christopher’s original creation, inspired by traditional Hakka lei cha fan (‘thunder tea rice’), a medley of cooked rice, stir-fried veg, preserved radish and peanuts served with a thick soup of fresh herbs and tea. In this new png kueh, a fragrant rice-flour skin made with fresh mugwort (ai cao), basil, coriander, mint and matcha wraps a filling of pearl sticky rice, greens and black-eyed peas, flavoured with sweet and salted radish and Kampot white pepper.


3. Kampot Red Peppercorn & Peanut Gomashio

A dry ‘dip’ of roasted sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, sea salt, and rare Kampot red peppercorns, an aromatic accompaniment for either of the above png kuehs. 


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor with partial hands-on

Take Home Items

Students will sample or take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack.

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