Rice Dumplings: Doable, Delicious & Different

Rice Dumplings: Doable, Delicious & Different

2 Jun (Wed) & 5 Jun (Sat) 1pm

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Everyone loves rice dumplings, but not everyone finds it easy to wrap and tie them! If you find traditional wrapping methods challenging, then this is the class for you. Christopher’s new recipes call on banana leaves to offer streamlined solutions for swaddling favourite flavours.

1. Kueh Chang Babi Bantal

Nyonya kueh chang reimagined as a plump bolster (bantal), encased and steamed in banana leaves, and sliced like a ‘maki roll’ to serve. Only the shape is new: inside the leaf case is a traditional Singaporean Peranakan blend of diced pork, mushrooms and winter melon braised with shallots, roasted coriander seeds and soy sauce, cradled in glutinous rice fragranced with pandan, lard and pepper.

2. Lemper Ayam Pedas Bakar

classic lemper ayam are petite, sausage-sized Indonesian glutinous rice rolls, stuffed with a variety of fillings and rolled up in banana leaves. This modern presentation, more substantially portioned and ideal for picnics and brunches, sandwiches a spicy chicken filling between layers of glutinous rice flavoured with turmeric and fresh herbs. The wrapped parcels are then grilled or dry-fried until they are infused with the aroma of toasted banana leaf.


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor. 

Take Home Items

Students will take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack.

ZOOM participants can collect the food samples after class or arrange for delivery.


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