Eurasian Cuisine 2 by Chef Damian (Repeat)

Eurasian Cuisine 2 by Chef Damian (Repeat)

3 Mar (Sun) 10am

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3 March (Sunday) 10:00am - 2:00pm : 4

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Eurasian cuisine features a myriad of European and Asian influences, with strong influences from the Portuguese and Malay influences. The best Eurasian dishes are found in the homes cooked by the Eurasians themselves. So come and learn from Chef Damian's table as he shares his family's heirloom recipes. 


1. White Debal with Pickles 

While the more commonly known Debal (Red Devil Curry) is made with leftover meats, this 'white' Debal is vastly different. Made with chicken instead of red meat, this stew contains the flavors of an amazing vegetable pickle that has been infused with flavors through hours of dehydration. Lesser known or almost unknown, this delicious dish is a well-kept secret in Chef Damian's archives of recipes. You certainly do not want to miss the chance to learn this from the man himself. 

2. Ambiler Kacang with Pork Belly

This mildly spiced dish is cooked with pork belly and long beans. A classic and appetising dish due to the presence of tamarind liquid. A versatile dish that can easily become a daily favorite with rice. 

3. Bolu Cocu

A traditional coconut cake made in a brass mold. Only mildly sweet, this soft cake is textured and flavored with grated coconut, mixed spices and brandy. Another rare Eurasian dessert that is only usually found in the homes of Eurasians. 


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