Pork Belly 4 Ways

Pork Belly 4 Ways

30 May (Sun) 1pm

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Pork belly is considered the holy grail for most pork lovers. When prepared well, it's truly hard to resist its juiciness and rich flavor. To top that up, recent studies have shown that pork fat, which has unsaturated fats, is

a good source of B vitamins and minerals, both vital for our human body. In fact, pork belly has been crowned the eighth most nutritious food on the planet! To satisfy the pork lovers, this new menu focuses on the various traditional ways to cook pork belly to harness all of its taste and goodness. 


1. Red Fermented Bean Curd Fried Pork Belly 南乳炸肉

This dish taps on the flavors of traditional red fermented bean curd to marinate the meat. Fried to perfect crispiness, this dish is a definite crowd pleaser. 

2. Braised Pork Belly with Taro Slices 芋头扣肉

With a high fat content, pork belly withstands long braising particularly well. This traditional Hakka dish has the added texture of taro which makes it so grandma-nostalgic. 

3. Pork Belly with Spicy Garlic Sauce 蒜泥白肉

Not all pork belly dishes need to be rich tasting. This refreshing dish made simply but has an equally appetising appeal. Great for starters!

4. Dong Bo Rou 东波肉

 One of the most famously photogenic pork belly dish that is commonly found in Chinese restaurants. Now you can save your pocket and make this at home with the same finesse. 


Demonstration by Chef.  

Take Home Items

Participants will take home a recipe pack and a takeaway portion sample all the food items. Zoom participants can collect onsite or arrange for delivery at a small charge.

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