Penang Home Favorites 1

Penang Home Favorites 1

15 Jun (Sat) 9.30am I 2.30pm

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The dearest memories we make are often forged with forks and spoons, as we gather together around the dinner table - and a delicious home-cooked family meal always helps! To Nyonya Su Pei, the best family dinners start with the most beloved Peranakan recipes. We have rounded up our most treasure, most requested recipes that will help you, too, make any night a special one. 

1. Nyonya Gulai Tumis

Like all Nyonya curries, this fish dish begins with a carefully composed rempah (spice paste), combining chillies, herbs and spices. The fried rempah’s richness is balanced by tangy tamarind and fragrant aromatics for a full-flavoured, appetising and addictive treat.

2. Gulai Bak Kut Kiam Chye

Something magical happens when you combine meaty pork ribs with assertively-flavoured pickled mustard greens. The acidity of this leafy pickled vegetable softens the hearty savouriness of the meat to make a complex and satisfying dish which will have you reaching for more rice!

3. Kang Hoo Kia Char Tao Chneo

There's sour, sweet, salty… and then there's umami! This meaty and savoury taste comes from flavour-enhancing compounds found abundantly in fermented bean paste and anchovies. Come learn how to use basic ingredients to create something ‘umami-licious.'

4. Ayam Buah Keras
Candlenuts are a common feature in Peranakan and Indonesia cuisine, usually pounded into a paste to add rich body and lemak-boosting flavour to curries. Dig into this hearty dish of tender chicken in a hot, pungent, creamy gravy, perfect for a family dinner.


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