Nyonya Kueh

Nyonya Kueh

6 Aug

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6 August (Sun) 11:00am-5:00pm : 4

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Traditional Nyonya Kueh is an all time favourite bite-sized snack. Now you can do your grandma proud and make your own! Join Valerie Kong as she shares her easy-to-follow recipes of making 8 types of delicious Nyonya Kueh.

Learning Journey

1. Rainbow Lapis (9 layer kueh)
A colorful and bouncy kueh made with fragrant coconut milk and tapioca starch, lovingly steamed layer by layer.

2. Kueh Koswee
A chewy, fragrant gula melaka flavored kueh that's made with tapioca starch and coated in white grated coconut.

3. Ondeh Ondeh
A chewy and bouncy ball of glutinous rice flour and sweet potato dough, coated with white grated coconut and bursting with juicy gula melaka .

4. Kueh Kochi
Pyramid shaped, gula melaka flavoured coconut encased in a chewy kueh made of pandan flavored glutinous rice flour and sweet potato.

5. Kueh Sarlat
A rich green layer of coconut custard on fragrant glutinous rice cake mixed with Bunga Telang (blue pea flower) extract.

6. Kueh Dodol
A sweet candy made from glutinous rice flour, palm sugar  and coconut milk.

7. Kueh Bingka Ubi Kayu
Baked tapioca cake consisting of eggs and coconut milk. Chewy, semi soft and moist.

8. Steamed Tapioca Kueh
Soft steamed tapioca kueh with grated coconut. Valerie's version is very much like the ones from Maxwell market, soft, chewy and fragrant.

9. Pulut Inti (Bonus Recipe)
Mini portions of steamed Bunga Telang (blue pea flower) glutinous rice dredged with grated coconut and drizzled with Gula Melaka syrup.

Maximum Participants : 8

Hands-on with Demonstration by Chef/Instructor.


Take Home Items
Participants will bring home a pack of all the kueh and a Recipe Pack. Packaging will be provided.

Valerie Kong
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