Nasi Lemak by Chef Damian

Nasi Lemak by Chef Damian

2 December (Sun) 1pm

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Nasi Lemak has to be one of Singaporeans' all time favourite. From its humble beginnings, it has now evolved to be a dish that comes with a wide variety of side dishes. Chef Damian will be teaching the solid basics of a good coconut rice, sambal and fried anchovies, which are the building blocks of Nasi Lemak. Jazzing up the menu will be other exciting side dishes that are good even on their own. 


1. Nasi 

Rice steamed with coconut cream pandan leaves and other spices. This is the first building block of the Nasi Lemak and probably the most essential part of the dish. 

2. Sambal 

This is the star of any Nasi Lemak. A Nasi Lemak is only as good as its sambal. 

3. Fried Ikan Bilis

This may seem like a really simple side dish, but what is the secret of frying it to a consistent crispiness each time?  

4. Omelette

Chef Damian will be teaching a thick and omelette packed with ingredients, which is a change from the usual thinly fried omelette.

5. Sambal Udang (Sambal Prawns)

A fiery, spicy dish that seldom takes the center stage, but is undoubtedly a mouth-watering accompaniment that totally jazzes up the Nasi Lemak with its rich gravy and succulent prawns. 

6. Kepak Kencur (Sand Ginger Fried Chicken)

A unique version of fried chicken with an assortment of asian spices and sand ginger. 

7. Ikan Assam

Spanish Mackerel marinated in tamarind juice and fried till a bit of char. 

8. Kangkong Masak Lemak 

Stirfried kangkong drenched with a spicy coconut gravy.


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor

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Students will sample or take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack.

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