More Kimchi Varieties

More Kimchi Varieties

25 Feb

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25 February (Sun) 10:00am-1:30pm : 4

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Pickling, fermentation, preserved foods are not recent hobbies for Vivian. With a Chinese-Korean father, she grew with all manner of kimchi and pickles in their fridge. Time spent in France and Japan only deepened her interest in these techniques and multiple trips to Korea over the years opened her eyes further. In this class, she will be sharing some of her favourite kimchi and related recipes for your enjoyment!


1. Kkakdugi - Cubed Daikon Kimchi

Probably the second most popular kimchi after the classic napa cabbage, the daikon version is extra crunchy and hearty. Similar in flavour profile to the napa cabbage kimchi, kkakdugi is great with rice and soup dishes and also great to have in your repertoire since it is not as easily available as other ones. 

2. Baek-kimchi - White Kimchi (not spicy)

As you can see, baek-kimchi has no chili powder and is therefore not spicy. However, this does not mean it is bland by any means, with ingredients like jujubes, pine nuts, and a whole range of vegetables. Since kimchi means "fermented vegetable" and "baek" means white, this is probably more traditional than the red ones we see today, after all, red chili peppers were only introduced in the late 16th century. Baek-kimchi goes particularly well with grilled meats and spicy dishes.

3. Kimchi Bokum Bap (Fried Rice)

What to do when you have kimchi that has fermented more than you would like, when it's too sour to eat as is? Well this dish takes care of that. Kimchi bokum bap or fried rice is a great way to use leftover kimchi, rice, well almost anything lurking in the fridge. And the best part? It is quick and oh so satisfying!

4. Kimchi Mandu (Kimchi Dumplings)

Dumplings are always a good idea and this recipe is another good way to use up some very ripe kimchi. Similar to the Chinese jiao zi or Japanese gyoza, these parcels are filled with a delicious savoury filling and can be pan-fried or steamed for a healthier alternative. 

5. Bonus recipe: Kimchi Quesadilla

You might call it fusion, we call it yummy. While it sounds like it shouldn't work, the trifecta of kimchi, cheese and a tortilla go together like a burger and fries, cheese and wine...You can add chicken or any other meat if you like, but try it this way first, you won't be sorry!

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