More Cast Iron Bakes

12 Jul

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12 July (Wed) 7:00pm-10:00pm : 7

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Cast iron pans move from stovetop to oven to table with marvellous ease. Take advantage of their durability and heat-retaining abilities with Christopher’s latest recipes.


1) Macau-Style African Chicken

This colonial classic blends Portuguese and tropical flavours: spice-rubbed chicken roasted and then braised in a coconut milk and capsicum gravy for a juicy, deeply-flavoured main course.

2) Green Chilli, Potato & Cheese Gratin

A Bhutanese-inspired mix of aromatic, sweet and spicy roasted green chillies and peppers, potatoes and onions, napped with a creamy two-cheese sauce and finished under the grill for a golden glaze.

3) Sesame Starburst Brioche

A soft and fluffy dinner-roll dough infused with butter and tahini (sesame paste), folded, twisted and baked in a decorative star shape, with a deliciously browned crust.

Maximum of 12 participants.

Demonstration by Chef. 

Food Tasting

Participants will sample on all the demonstrated items.

Take Home Items
Participants will take a Recipe Pack.

Christopher Tan
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