Kueh it Forward: The Appam Family (Repeat)

Kueh it Forward: The Appam Family (Repeat)

13 Aug (Sat) 12pm

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Appam, apom, apem, apam, arpong – the wide and wonderful appam family has historical roots in South Asia, but now stretches across Southeast Asia. In this class, learn tips and techniques for mixing up, cooking and serving three different apom ‘cousins’ made with yeast-raised batters for deliciously light results, plus two recipes for side dishes to savour with them.


1. Apom Berkuah

A classic Peranakan kueh well suited to teatime. Marbled with bunga telang (butterfly pea) juice, these rice pancakes have a gentle tanginess and a beautifully airy, crumpet-like texture thanks to a slow-proofed batter.

2. Vellayappam

A favourite breakfast item in South India, these are simple and straightforward to make, frying up with an extra spongy, lacy crumb, perfect for soaking up any kind of sauce. Enjoy them with grated coconut and palm jaggery, or with curries, dal and gravy dishes.

3. Serabi Telur

While just as light and open-crumbed as the above pancakes, these Indonesian serabi are also extra plush and soft, almost custardy, thanks to a rich egg and coconut milk batter. If you’re a fan of Indian egg thosai or egg appam, you’ll love these 

4. Kuah Pisang

Ripe bananas simmered with gula melaka (palm sugar) and coconut milk into a silky sauce that partners any of the above apom beautifully. This can also be varied with fresh jackfruit or durian.

5. Goan-Style Fish Curry

A fragrant and tangy fish curry to dip or soak any of the apoms in. Easy to put together and quick to cook, this can also be made with other fresh seafood items such as prawns or squid, and/or vegetables like brinjals and tomatoes.


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor. 

Take Home Items

Students will take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack.

ZOOM participants can collect the food samples after class or arrange for delivery at a small charge.


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