Kueh Ambon (10th class)

Kueh Ambon (10th class)

21 Apr (Wed) 1pm

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Distinctively delicious and uniquely beloved among local kuehs, kueh ambon (also known as ‘kueh bengka sarang’) is famously finicky to make, but utterly rewarding when it turns out right. At Christopher’s new class, learn all the tips and techniques you need to master this favourite treat, with recipes he has been refining for over a decade.

1. Classic Kueh Ambon

This Medan-style ‘kue bika ambon’ has a springy-soft and tunnelled texture, and a rich aroma and flavour from fresh eggs and herb-infused coconut milk.

2.  Kueh Ambon Pandan

An ambon variation whose sweet fragrance and jade-like hue comes from fresh pandan leaves.

3. Palm Sugar Banh Bo Nuong

Kueh ambon’s Vietnamese ‘cousin’, this dessert uses similar ingredients but is much simpler to make, oven-baked for a lusciously tender texture and notes of coconut and caramel. 


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor with partial hands-on.

Take Home Items

Students will take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack. Local Zoom participants can arrange for delivery at a minimal charge. 


Christopher Tan
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