Kimchi - Pickling Principles

Kimchi - Pickling Principles

17 Mar

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17 March (Sat) 3:00pm-6:00pm : 3

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Pickling, fermentation, preserved foods are not recent hobbies for Vivian. With a Chinese-Korean father, she grew with all manner of kimchi and pickles in their fridge. Time spent in France and Japan only deepened her interest in these techniques and multiple trips to Korea over the years opened her eyes further. In this class, she will be sharing some of her favourite kimchi and related recipes for your enjoyment!


1. Kimchi

  • This is not just one recipe but actually a category! Classic Napa cabbage one aka 통배추김치 (Tongbaechu-kimchi)
  • Cucumber aka 오이김치 (Oikimchi)

And what you can do with the extras if there are any!

2. Kimchijeon - one of many varieties of savoury pancakes.

3. Kimchi-jigae - a warm, hearty, spicy, savoury soup also known as 김치찌개 (Kimchi-jjigae) based on a rich, but quick anchovy stock.

4. Bimbimbap -  using your kimchi and many other greens for the classic comfort rice dish 비빔밥 (Bibimbap)

Hands-on with Demonstration by Chef

Food Tasting
Participants will sample all the items.

Take Home Items
Participants will take home a Recipe Pack.

Vivian Pei

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