Introduction to Sourdough (Repeat)

Introduction to Sourdough (Repeat)

25 Jul (Sat) 1pm

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25 July (Saturday) 1:00pm-6:00pm : 10

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Sourdough has become the buzz word recently. But the most important part of baking a loaf of sourdough is the starter. Maintaining a sourdough starter requires a little extra time, effort and patience. However, the return in terms of flavour and nutrition makes it all worthwhile. Once you get the right knowledge from mixing, kneading, proofing, scoring and finally baking the dough, your reward will be an intoxicating aroma making their way from your kitchen table to your whole house!

Come join us and come learn from our sourdough enthusiast, Diana Loo. Learn all the necessary tips through an online hands-on workshop covering:

1. Bakers percentage and language.

2. How to feed and maintain a strong starter.

3. How to plan your schedule for sourdough baking.

4. Hands-on session on making your very own sourdough.

5. Get a taste of the loaf that you will be baking.

6. Tips on flavour combinations.


Online demonstration via ZOOM by instructor facilitated by TKS. Class size of up to 12 participants. 

Food Tasting

Participants will sample 1/2 a loaf of sourdough baked by instructor one day ahead of the class. 

Take Home Items - *to be collected ONE DAY ahead of the class

Participants will take home a recipe pack, a starter to feed, a pack of Japanese bread flour for feeding starter and baking, a 21cm cane bread proofing banneton and half loaf of sourdough bread for tasting.  

Diana Loo

Learn more about Diana here