Hainanese Delights (Repeat)

26 May (Sun) 1pm

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26 May (Sunday) 1:00pm - 4:30pm : 9

$200 for onsite participants.

$190 for zoom participants with food. Key in discount code ZOOM5. 

$180 for zoom participants without food. Key in discount code ZOOM10


1. Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南鸡饭

This dish needs no introduction. It is one of Singaporean's favourite comfort food. Now you can learn to make it from scratch - poached chicken, flavorful chicken rice, chilli sauce and ginger paste. We will be using poulet chicken for extra tenderness. 

2. Hainanese Coconut Chicken Stew 海南椰子鸡

This is a Chinese-style coconut stew that is made with coconut water, coconut meat, kampung chicken and other Chinese herbs resulting in a clean and refreshing taste that is nourishing and full of goodness. Learn how to bring out the best flavors in this dish while enjoying the most tender and juicy chicken meat. 

2. Hainanese Mutton Soup 海南羊肉汤

This traditional style of Hainanese mutton soup has a distinctive flavour and aroma of red fermented bean curd (Nam Yu) which is what makes the broth reddish brown. The mutton ribs are slowly braised in a herbal broth and complemented with fried bean curd skin and black fungus. Rich and wonderful tasting. 


Demonstration by Chef with videos and photos snippets sent via WhatsApp. Recipes will be emailed ahead for ZOOM participants. 

Take Home Items

Food samples will be packed. ZOOM participants can opt for self-collection or delivery at no extra cost. 


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