From the Eurasian Home Kitchen

From the Eurasian Home Kitchen

14 July (Sunday) 1.30pm

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In this new menu by Chef Damian, we take a peek into his home kitchen as he re-visits some of the older, unique recipes that he used to enjoy in his growing up years. 

1. Pesce Soy Limang

Deep-fried pomfret in lime sauce. This piquant Eurasian dish is usually done with Chincharru but Chef Damian’s granddad uses Pomfret when Hardtails are not in season. Using Pomfret elevates this dish to a whole new level and the sour savoury sauce that seeps into the flesh of the Pomfret adds a sweet-sour balance that makes this dish so delectable.

2. Fragrant Chicken Curry (Non spicy)

This was a curry that was made specifically for kids and the non-chilli eaters. Concocted out of love more than necessity, this dish is both rich and light at the same time. It is also one of the few meat curries that contains vegetables.

3. Mohylu

A sublime curry-like dish with prawns and brinjals. This rare dish is like one of those that has "gone to the grave". This is usually enjoyed on special occasions.

4. Sugee Cake

No introductions is needed for this well-loved timeless classic cake. This version from Chef's family recipe requires the soaking of the sugee in the butter overnight.


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