Fish Head Curry Galore

19 Jul (Sun) 2pm

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19 July (Sunday) 2:00pm - 4:30pm : 16

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Although the Indian Fish Head Curry is served in most Indian homes, it is a dish that most Singaporeans know about and have tasted. And over the years, the fish head curry craze has entered other cuisines too. In this workshop, you get to learn to make Fish Head Curry three ways from the Spice Queen herself. Each type is unique and made totally different from the other.


1. Indian Style Curry

This is a Kerala style fish head curry with green mangoes. It contains no coconut milk and the Malabar tamarind aka Gamboodge give is a special smoky flavour that totally elevates this dish.

2. Gulai Kepala Ikan

Padang, West Sumatra styled fish head curry that is made with onions, chillies and coconut milk. The flavour of the curry leaves mingled with lemongrass will whet your appetite even before the curry is done. 

3. Assam Pedas Fish Head Curry 

Tangy and spicy hot fish head curry with aromatics like lemon grass, torch ginger flower and fresh turmeric. Absolutely the kind of dish for the spice lovers!


Online demonstration via ZOOM by Chef, facilitated by TKS. Class size of up to 15 participants.
Take Home Items

Participants will be given a recipe pack ahead of class via email/post and a sampling size of all the demonstrated food to be collected on site after the class. 
Delivery can be arranged at a separate charge. 


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