European Textured Sweet Breads

8 Oct

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8 October (Sun) 12:00pm-4:00pm : 0

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At Brave Bakery, Honey Brioche is one of the must-try best sellers! Besides baking European breads palatable for the Taiwanese bread-loving community, Chef Pike also loves to play with savoury & sweet ingredients combination with his European textured breads. There's always something for every bread lover that visits his bakery! 

1. Top selling Honey Brioche

2. Sesame Sweet Potato 

3. Savoury Onion Cheese 

4. Sweet Walnut Crusted Crumble Bun

Maximum of 12 participants

Hands-on with demo by Chef/Instructor

Take Home Items
Participants will bring home samples of all the breads and a Recipe Pack. Packaging will be provided.

Pike Yang
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