European Favourites with an Asian Twist

17 Feb (Mon) 7pm

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17 February (Monday) 7:00pm-10:00pm : 11

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Once again, Chef Ratha from The Black Sheep Cafe is adding an Asian touch to classic European dishes, elevating the flavors to a brand new level. Learn how to marry the ingredients from the West and the East. Sharing tips and easy methods to replicate modern European dishes at home remains as one of Chef Ratha's priorities.  


1. Arabica Beef Ribs

Beef Rib steeped in a coffee marinade and slow braised till it is soft, sticky and utterly delicious! 

2. Crispy Pork with Pineapple Jicama Salad                                   

This refreshing salad is a perfect match to the fragrant crispy pork in both taste and texture. Learn a unique and unusual cooking method that will always ensure that your meat will turn out juicy & succulent.

3. Mussels Baked in Shell with Laksa Flavoured Scallop Mousse

Bring your mussels to a whole new level! Baked and enveloped with a laksa flavored scallop mousse, these New Zealand mussels are to die for.  

Demonstration by Chef

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Participants will sample all the items.

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