European Cuisine with an Asian Touch 1

European Cuisine with an Asian Touch 1

18 Nov (Mon) 7pm

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18 November (Monday) 7:00pm-10:00pm : 9

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Chef Ratha from The Black Sheep Cafe is back again after his very popular debut! Once again, he adds an Asian edge to the usual European favourite dishes elevating the flavors to a brand new level. Sharing tips and easy methods to replicate these modern European dishes at home remains as one of Chef Ratha's priorities.  


1. Prawn Bisque with Kerala Pepper Cream Prawns

A hearty, robust soup that can be a meal by itself! A versatile recipe that you can use for lobster bisque as well. Served with Black Sheep's Cafe signature garlic bread.

2. Gazpachio Shots served with Baby Snapper Tempura                                     

Zesty cold puree of tomato & fresh herbs served with tender morsels of fish tempura. An elegant starter that can be converted to a main course too!

3. Lamb Shank Braised with Indian Spices & Dried Fruits

Most recipes for this classic dish uses wine, but Chef Ratha makes his with only stock and some fruit juices! Harnessing on the fragrance of herbs, any gaminess from the lamb will be eradicated. Using the same method, you can also use this recipe for chicken or pork.

4. Coconut Panna Cotta with Fresh Mango and Almond Tuile

The richness of coconut milk is balanced by the nutritious fruit juices to produce a smooth & satisfying dessert contrasted by the light crunch from the tuile. 

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