Eurasian Cuisine 1 by Chef Damian

Eurasian Cuisine 1 by Chef Damian

29 Sep (Sat) 10am I 2.30pm

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Eurasian cuisine features a myriad of European and Asian influences, with strong influences from the Portuguese and Malay influences. How is is different from Peranakan cuisine? According to Chef Damian, the Eurasian dishes are have more Indian influence than the Peranakans. The Eurasian curries tend to be more earthy too. The best Eurasian dishes are found in the homes cooked by the Eurasians themselves. So come and learn from the Chef Damian's table he shares his family's heirloom recipes. 


1. Debal

Debal or sometimes known as Curry Devil, is technically not a curry but a well-loved Eurasian spicy stew traditionally made with leftover meats from Christmas feasts. In the past, Debal was prepared and savoured on Boxing Day. A delicious debal is usually made with loads of ingredients. Chef Damian's rendition of Debal is very meat-centric - with bacon bones, spare ribs and roast pork cooked for hours with rempah - guaranteed to sweep you off your feet!

2. Eursian Chicken Korma

This is a dish originating in the Indian subcontinent consist of braised meat with yogurt and spices. Learn the very traditional techniques and ingredients that goes into this dish.

3. Nasi Kunyit

Nasi kunyit is a traditional dish that is often served during celebration and auspicious events. A perfect accompaniment to rich curries. 

4. Putugal

This is an extremely rare dessert these days. Made with hand-grated tapioca, blue pea flour, sugar, coconut milk and deeply-ripened Raja banana, this nostalgic kueh has a distinctive memorable taste. Served with freshly grated coconut, it is indeed a dessert that will evoke happy memories.


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