Delicious Dumplings

Delicious Dumplings

9 Sep (Sun) 1.30pm

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9 Sep (Sun) 1:30pm - 5:00pm : 7

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Dumplings is probably one of the oldest kind of food. Following up from our first dumpling class, Vivian Pei is back with more varieties of dumplings from other parts of Asia. We love all things wrapped!


1. Sheng Jian Bao 

Sheng Jian Bao also known as Shengjian mantou, are the less well-known cousin of the legendary Xiao Long Bao. They are one of the most popular breakfast items in Shanghai and a favourite snack and are slightly doughier and therefore heartier. Pan-frying these make them so extra delicious. Learn the tips to making a juicy filling, an easy dough and fuss free cooking method. 

2. Nepali Momos

One of Vivian's friends is Nepali and she has been eating momos since they met over 20 years ago. She finally convinced her friend to share her traditional recipe. Momos look similar to Xiao Long Bao but the filling and sauce are quite different. Instead of the traditional buffalo version that is commonly found in Kathmandu, we’ll be using the much more readily available ground chicken with spices and ghee. The tomato achar is the perfect accompaniment that you want to make sure you make plenty!

 3. Hong Kong-style Wontons

The wonton is a simple Chinese classic dumpling, served originally with noodle in soup but is also often fried. Although the wonton originated in Northern China, it was fine-tuned by the people of Guangzhou and is now very popular worldwide. The Hong Kong soup version is mostly prawn, the bigger the better and preferably whole. You can’t find better comfort food than this.

We will be serving these wantons with some noodles from Handpicked.

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