Kueh it Forward : Nian Gao

Kueh it Forward : Nian Gao

9 & 16 Jan (Sat) | 27 Jan (Wed) 12.30pm

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$170 for onsite participants.

$161.50 for zoom participants. Please call or email for discount code. 

Nian gao, also known as neen koh, th’nee kueh and kueh bakol, is one of the most beloved and meaningful Chinese kuehs. Having travelled with Chinese migrants to Southeast Asia over the centuries, this sweet glutinous rice kueh is also surprisingly diverse, made in many different ways across our region. Explore old and new tastes and textures of nian gao in Christopher’s latest class.

1.  Kueh Bakol / Nian Gao

Classic nian gao made with unrefined brown sugar – instead of more common caramelised white sugar – for a deeper, richer flavour. Learn how to shape and wrap the traditional banana-leaf case, which not only contributes a lovely aroma but also helps to keep the nian gao soft. (This streamlined recipe is steamed for a shorter time than the traditional 12 hours, and hence does not keep for as long.)

2. Baked Sweet Potato Nian Gao

If you like classic nian gao deep-fried with sweet potato, you’ll enjoy this easy to make, less oily modern adaptation. Oven-baked in kueh bahulu moulds, Christopher’s nian gao bites have crisp golden crusts and gooey, plush centres infused with the natural colour and sweetness of mashed sweet potatoes.

3. Pandan Nian Gao with Savoury Mung Bean Filling

Known as kanom keng sai kem in Thailand, this confection combines soft, silky pandan batter with a savoury mung bean filling seasoned with shallots, minced pork and coriander – its rich flavour will probably remind you of Nyonya bak chang! This delicious and unique nian gao is best enjoyed while fresh.


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor. Available on ZOOM. 

Take Home Items

Students will take home all the items demonstrated and a recipe pack. Food samples can be collected by ZOOM participants after class. Delivery can be arranged at a small fee. Please note that the first item will have to be collected one day after the class.

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