Cool Desserts 1

Cool Desserts 1

2 June (Sat) 9.30am

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2 June (Sat) 9:30am-4:30pm : 6

Gelato, ice cream, granita...for those who love it cold. 

We love our ice cream and gelato but do we really know what goes into these cold desserts? We are so pleased to have well-known gelato chef, Willson Chen, from Taiwan to conduct his GELATO Art Ice Cream Course for the first time in Singapore. His class is specially designed for home users to make cold desserts with minimal machinery - NOT even an ice cream maker is needed! There will also be much emphasis on understanding the theory behind gelato making. 

Some aspects that are covered in the class:

  • Formula percentages and ratio of ingredients.
  • Different applications of ice cream
  • Hands-on sessions
  • Ice cream/gelato history
  • Tasting and comparing different types of ice cream/gelato
  • Composition of ice cream
  • Knowledge on ingredients 


1. Basic Gelato Theory

2. Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream Bar

3. Mango Passionfruit Gelato 

4. Raspberry Mint Granita

5. Whiskey Truffle Ice Cream

Maximum of 12 participants


Hands-on with Demonstration by Chef.

Food Tasting

Participants will sample on all the demonstrated items.

Take Home Items
Participants will take home some items and a Recipe Pack. Packaging will be included. 

Willson Chen
Learn more about Willson Chen here