Classically Thai

Classically Thai

15 Sep (Sat) 11am

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15 September (Sat) 11.00am - 2.00pm : 3

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Chef Shih Erh has been acquainted with Thai cuisine since a tender age of 6. Born in to a family of very accomplished cooks, she has since carved her own identity of presenting classic original dishes with an added touch of her creation. In this class, she has prepared a menu that you can definitely replicate with great success at home. 


1. Yam Nang Moo

Lettuce wrap with cold pork skin, mint leaves, and toasted glutinous rice.

2. Kung Thod Kratiam Prik Thai

Deep fried prawns with white peppercorn and garlic. 

3. Khao Pad Namliap

Black olive fried rice using Thai Jasmine and organic black glutinous rice. Condiments include braised pork belly with palm sugar, cucumber, eggs, lime cubes and roasted nuts. 

4. Yam Mamuang

Spicy mango salad with green apples, premium grade dried shrimps, served with deep fried cuttlefish and kaffir lime leaves. 

5. Luen Gluen

Soft pandan custard top with salted coconut cream.


Hands-on with Demonstration by Chef

Food Tasting
Participants will sample all the items.

Take Home Items
Participants will take home a Recipe Pack.

Low Shih Erh

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