Chinese Tze Char Dishes 3

Chinese Tze Char Dishes 3

24 Oct (Sun) 1pm

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24 October (Sunday) 1:00pm - 4:30pm : 0

$190 for onsite participants.

$180.50 for zoom participants. Key in discount code ZOOM5. 


1. Assam Fish Head Curry 阿叁鱼头

A hybrid dish that combines both the Indian and Chinese flavors giving rise to this uniquely Singaporean Tze Char one pot dish of fish and vegetables (lady's fingers and brinjal) that is great for sharing. The addition of assam (tamarind) adds a sour tang, making it lighter and even more appetising.

2. Prawn Paste Chicken Wings 虾酱鸡

This is one of the most popular version of fried chicken wings, owing to the use of shrimp paste in the batter, giving rise to an extremely umami and flavorful taste profile. These wings are seriously finger linkin' good.  

3.  Silky Egg Seafood Hor Fun 滑旦河粉

The unmistakable features of this type of hor fun is the silky and smooth textured  gravy that has swirling threads of eggs. The other important part in making this is the charring of the hor fun (thick flat noodles). Cooked with seafood and vegetables, this evergreen deliciously comforting noodle dish never goes out of trend.

4. Foo Yong Egg (Chinese Omelette) 芙蓉蛋

Fried omelette with vegetables and crab meat filling. A comfort dish for your daily meal. 


Demonstration by Chef with videos and photos snippets sent via WhatApp. Recipes will be emailed ahead for ZOOM participants. 

Take Home Items

Food samples will be packed and delivered at no extra cost.  


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