Chinese New Year Dishes 3

Chinese New Year Dishes 3

24 Jan (Sun) 2pm

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24 January (Sunday) 2:00pm - 5:30pm : 0

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2021 Chinese New Year celebrations will see smaller feasts in a more intimate settings. Out of the myriad of traditional dishes, Chef Shih Erh has carefully selected a menu of dishes that are just the right size for a small group, yet none less delicious. 


1. Petite Scallop Yam Rings

Instead of a the traditional huge yam ring that requires a lot of oil to deep fry, Chef Shih Erh introduces a variation of a bite sized yam ring encasing a fresh scallop for a smaller party. This delicate appetiser is a breeze to prepare when you have a limited number of guests. 

2. Braised Pork Trotters  

Pork trotters for Chinese New Year will be everyone's favourite. A whole pork trotter braised in chestnuts and black mushrooms will be a great delight to those who grew up with this dish. 

3. Eight Treasures Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf

The Chinese have always likened the number eight to prosperity. The essence of this dish is in the flavor and texture contrast of the 'eight treasures' (seeds, nuts and dried fruit) embedded in glutinous rice steamed in lotus leaf. It's definitely a rich-tasting dish that is so good just on its own. 


Demonstration by Chef.  

Take Home Items

Participants will take home a recipe pack and a takeaway portion sample all the food items. Zoom participants can collect onsite or arrange for delivery at a small charge.

Low Shih Erh

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