Childhood Snacks

Childhood Snacks

20 May (Mon/PH)

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20 May (Mon) 2:00pm - 5:00pm : 5

Nett Price

Following the popularity of Elaine's Ipoh peanut candy class, she is here to share more childhood snacks that are extremely addictive. They make impressive gifts when individually packed or simply out of a large jar for peckish moments. 


1. Traditional Golden Bubble Rice (Pop Rice Taiwanese Snacks)

Straightforward recipes that are versatile enough to incorporate your own flavors. 

- Traditional flavor

- Savory (Taste of the Sea)

- Chicken Floss Bubble Rice

2. Handmade South Jujube (Red Dates) Walnut Candy

Made with a home cooked jujube paste, walnuts, these all natural chewy (non-sticky) sweets are free from preservatives, flavouring or colouring. Even the kids will love them! Wrapped then individually with edible rice paper to reminisce good old days of white rabbit sweets.


Demonstration by Instructor.

Food Tasting
Participants will sample all the cookies demonstrated.

Take Home Items
Participants will take home a box of each type of snacks and a Recipe Pack.

Elaine Teh

Learn more about Elaine here