Chendol Cravings

Chendol Cravings

2 Jul

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2 July (Sun) 1:00pm-5:00pm : 8

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The basic building blocks of the Chendol dessert are coconut milk, strips of chendol, red beans, atap chee fruit, shaved ice and a generous dose of Gula Melaka. Using the same oh-so-yummy ingredients, Valerie will show you how to make 3 mouth-watering desserts to satisfy those Chendol cravings. 


1. Chendol Cake

Alternating layers of Gula Melaka Pandan chiffon, red beans, atap chee, chendol filled coconut fudge, topped with oozy, soft, fragrant coconut Gula Melaka fudge. And yes, the chendol will be made from scratch. 

2. Sugarless Coconut Ice Cream

This ice cream version of the traditional dessert is just as delicious with chendol, Gula Melaka sauce and red beans.

3. Pandan Gula Melaka cupcakes

Cupcakes filled with Gula Melaka fudge and topped with coconut whipped cream plus fudge, atap chee, red beans and Chendol.

Maximum Participants: 12

Hands-on by Chef/Instructor

Take Home Items
Participants will bring home the cake, cupcakes and a Recipe Pack. Packaging will be provided.

Valerie Kong
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