Char Char Char

Char Char Char

23 Jun (Wed) & 19 Jun (Sat) 1pm

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Char siew fans of the world unite! Does it get any better than breaking open a piping hot steamed bun, baked bun or pastry to find a flood of fragrant filling? 


1. Oven-Roasted Char Siew

A simple and straightforward recipe for classic pork char siew. Absolutely no artificial colouring or flavour enhancers are used in the marinade, which can also be used for chicken leg meat.

2. Foundation Char Siew Filling

This juicy filling, seasoned with garlic, shallots, rice wine and oyster sauce, can be used in both steamed bao and baked bao or pastries.

3. Char Siew Bao

The quintessential dim sum order – light and fluffy steamed bao with a meaty and sauce-y heart. Learn all the tips and techniques to turn out satisfying home-made bao from scratch.

4. Black Sesame Char Siew Sou

The oven-baked Cantonese favourite, with black sesame paste lending a dusky, aromatic richness to the paper-thin layers of crisp, flaky pastry wrapped around the char siew filling.

5. Char Siew Sticky Buns

Baked char siew buns with a literal twist – soft, silky milk dough is rolled up around char siew filling and spring onions, then sliced and baked into pillowy spiral buns. Good enough to make you forget all about cinnamon rolls!


Demonstration by Chef / Instructor. 

Take Home Items

Students will take home all the items demonstrated, and receive a Recipe Pack.

ZOOM participants can collect the food samples after class or arrange for delivery at a small charge.


Christopher Tan
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