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17 Feb (Sun) 10am & 2pm

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1. Mee Siam

While the origin of Mee Siam seems impossible to trace, it remains a popular dish among Singaporeans and Malaysians. Many people even associate this dish with the canteen staple of school days. Mee Siam, which means “Siamese noodles”, has a couple of distinct flavours to it: sour, sweet and slightly spicy. Maybe the sourness or the use of assam fruit was inspired by ancient Siamese cuisine while the cooking style is more northern Malaysian.

The Indian, Peranakan, Malays and even Chinese have their own interpretations of the dish; this recipe however will focus on the lesser-known Indian style where the gravy is good enough to drink on its own.

2. Mee Rebus

Forget those mee rebus that you find in hawker centers or food courts. Their versions can never do justice to the Indonesian style of the dish. The Indonesians take their mee rebus seriously. The gravy is made from rich meat-bone stock and thickened with sweet potato purees. That is the version we will be learning; there will be no short cuts, so it will be no run-of-the-mill version either.

3Baked Tar Susu

Baked Tar Susu is a very popular dessert cake from Sumatra. There is a sprinkle of Colonial influence in its making -- egg, condensed milk and plenty of raisins. If you like British baked bread pudding, check out this recipe!


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