Bake it Better: The Upper Crust

Bake it Better: The Upper Crust

3 & 17 Sep (Sat) 12pm

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$190 for onsite participants.

$180.50  for ZOOM participants WITH food samples. Discount code ZOOM5.

$171 for ZOOM participants WTHOUT food samples. Discount code ZOOM10.

Best when home-made and enjoyed fresh from the oven, snack buns topped with contrasting crust layers have long been wildly popular around Asia. In Christopher’s latest new class, learn how to make three different and favourite incarnations of this favourite bun style, each one with a unique combination of tastes and textures.

1. Foundation East Asian Style Bun Dough
Tailored especially for Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Japanese-style buns, this lightly enriched dough is easy to put together and to shape, baking up soft and fluffy. Learn how to vary the ingredients for different flavours, too.

2. Classic Hong Kong Bor Lor Bao
A very traditional Hong Kong pineapple bun recipe, this has no filling as it is meant to be eaten fresh and warm, stuffed with a thick slice of cold butter. Lard makes the dough light, and also makes the topping crunchy, craggy and altogether scrumptious.

3. Char Siew Mexico Bun
These plump round buns really do have roots in Mexico! Their saucy, juicy char siew filling hides away under a tender crumb and a wafer-thin golden crust that melts in the mouth with a faint scent of custard.

4. Black Sesame, Red Bean & Cream Cheese Melon Pan
Japanese-style buns whose crumb and butter-cookie-like crust are both fragrantly infused with black sesame seeds. Inside are the unexpectedly perfect pair of fudgy-sweet red beans and rich, savoury cream cheese, a match made in bun heaven.


Demonstration by Chef with videos and photos snippets sent via WhatApp. Recipes will be emailed ahead for ZOOM participants. 

Take Home Items

Onsite participants will bring home a set of food samples. ZOOM participants WITH food samples can opt for self-collection or delivery at no extra cost.  

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