Back Pocket Bakes : Scrumptious & Spicy Savouries

Back Pocket Bakes : Scrumptious & Spicy Savouries

8 Aug (Sat) 1.30pm

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8 August (Saturday) 1:30pm - 4:15pm : 17

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If your palate has the lockdown blahs – or if you’re just tired of banana cake – then give these bakes a try! Christopher’s new recipes call on fragrant spices and savoury ingredients to put a fresh and flavourful spin on classic bake formats.


1. Red Curry Bread Pudding

The love child of a classic American strata bread pudding, a Thai red curry and a Malay kuih bakar berlauk, this delicious brunch dish soaks bread cubes in a coconut milk and egg custard, then layers them with a zingy dry red curry of minced pork, vegetables and fresh aromatic herbs. Baked until golden and puffy, it combines soft, smooth and crusty textures with heaps of spicy and ‘lemak’ character.

2. Spicy Cauliflower Cheese Muffins

Roasted cauliflower and onions, mature cheddar and a chorus of spices – such as ginger, garlic, curry leaf and chilli – sing out loud and clear from these addictive crunchy-topped muffins, which have only just enough batter to hold their cargo of vegetables and cheese together. An excellent picnic dish – try to stop at one!



Online demonstration via ZOOM by Chef, facilitated by TKS. Class size of up to 20 participants.
Take Home Items

Participants will be given a recipe pack ahead of class via email/post and a sampling size of all the demonstrated food to be collected on site after the class. 
Local delivery can be arranged at a separate charge. 
Overseas participants who are unable to collect the food samples will receive a 10% discount rebate after registration. 



Christopher Tan
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