Baba Burger Bar

Baba Burger Bar

8 Mar (Sun) 10.30am | 5.30pm

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Join Baba Jerry and Baba Christopher as they take a break from roti babi and kueh to indulge their creative instincts. As their purpose is to weave a pleasing harmony from many different elements, burgers present a canvas well suited to the Peranakan instinct for building and blending flavours and textures. These all-new recipes put a sedap spin on the familiar sandwich – they are truly fast food because they are sure to be quickly devoured!


1. Sweet Potato Burger Buns

A straightforward and simple recipe which can be shaped into golden-crusted buns for any size burgers. Baba Christopher has engineered these buns to be soft and fine-crumbed, yet also sturdy enough to soak up juices from the burger patties and garnishes without becoming soggy.

2. Five-Spice Chicken Burger

Earthy, meaty roasted chicken thighs elevated with a dose of five-spice powder, paired with a crunchy peanut slaw in Baba Jerry’s makeover of a classic chicken burger. A tasty treat for all the family!

3. Beef Rendang Sliders

Baba Christopher’s mini burgers boast tender beef patties cooked with a classic Padang-style rendang daging sauce, made with a rempah of fresh herbs and plenty of coconut milk. Rich, savoury and decadent, they need only crisp cucumber as a counterpoint.

4. Babi Rica-Rica Sliders

A mini burger packing a big punch. Juicy pork patties are slathered with rica-rica, a fiery sambal from Manado which tempers the fruity heat of red chillies and chilli padi with ginger and lemongrass, garnished with fresh daun kemangi (Thai sweet basil) and cooling melon.

5. Samurai Shrimp Rice Burger

Baba Jerry draws on Japanese elements for a multi-textured sandwich inspired by and dedicated to his brother, who especially loved Nihon-style burgers. Fluffy patties made from Japanese rice and glutinous rice, glazed with miso and then torched for a toasty aroma, topped with succulent shrimp patties, cucumber and carrot salad, furikake, seaweed and sesame seeds.  This could be your next best favourite burger! 


Demonstration by Chefs.

Food Tasting

Participants will taste all the demonstrated items.

Take Home Items

Participants will take home a Recipe Pack.


Baba Jerry, Baba Christopher

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