Honey European Crusty Breads

7 Oct

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7 October (Sat) 12:00pm-4:30pm : 0

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Chef Pike will share the knowledge and secrets of his famous, Award-winning honey breads in this fusion of Asian European bread class. He will be using of honey and local Taiwanese tea to bring out pleasant aromas that are rarely introduced to breads! 

1. The Award Winning "Honey Catacomb" 

- This honey bread has no sugar addded, just pure raw fruity honey. 

2. Honey Iron Goddess 

- A combination of Honey and Tie Guan Yin Tea infused flavor. 

3. Honey Orange'mums 

- An interesting fusion of Orange and Chrysanthemum.

Maximum of 12 participants

Hands-on by Chef/Instructor

Take Home Items
Participants will bring home samples of all the breads and a Recipe Pack. Packaging will be provided.

Pike Yang
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