Artisanal Breads Made by Hand

Artisanal Breads Made by Hand

10 June (Sun) 10.30am

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10 June (Sunday) 10:30am -2:30pm : 8

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What is artisanal bread? More than just a bread form, artisanal baking refers to the usage of low amounts of yeast and longer fermentation to allow the breads to develop flavor and structure. 

In this class with Baker Audrey Tan, we will put aside our machines and put our hands to work, kneading and shaping our own dough. Using just 2 classic doughs, we will be making a variety of breads all by hand. 


1. Classic Ciabatta 

The Ciabatta is a traditional Italian bread that is formed into an oval rectangular shape loaf. Identified by its shape like a slipper, it has a very crispy crust and a moist chewy interior with beautiful large holes. Made with a Biga (sponge) and hand kneaded, Chef Audrey will show you how to handle this famously wet dough with confidence. Out from this one dough, we will go on to make 3 other bread items. 

2. Ciabatta rolls stuffed with Parma Ham and Cheese

There is no rule to say that the ciabatta must be a plain Jane. In this item, we will the Ciabatta will be filled with savory parma ham and oozing cheese so that you can eat it on its own!

3. Ciabatta Mini Pizza

Crusty Ciabatta dough makes one of the best base for mini pizza toppings. Here, we pair it with a delicious pesto with anchovies and mozzarella. 

4. Beignets

Beignets are much like fritters - bread dough that is fried. Using the same Ciabatta dough, we will make soft, fluffy, airy and sugar-powdered beignets with a lemon glaze. 

5. Classic Baguette

Although the most common bread in France and worldwide, the baguette is a bread that has the most 'rules' pertaining to its crust colour, texture, shape, number of slashes. So once and for all, Chef Audrey will help get your basics on the baguette all sorted out when we make these baguettes by hand. 

Maximum of 12 participants.

Fully hands-on with Demonstration by Chef

Food Tasting
Participants will sample all the breads.

Take Home Items
Participants will take home all the bread items and a Recipe Pack.

Audrey Tan

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